iOptics has been established by Semion Savransky, Ph.D. and successfully works
in the field of industrial electronics.The Company consists of highly skilled specialists with longterm experience.

Products: Custom industrial electronics products.
IO is mainly concerned with research, development and production according to customer specifications of sensors, microcontrollers,
sensor signal conditioning electronics and related products.
IO can make you an offer if you want a development according to your specifications.

"LumMini" & "Plantex" was developed under direction of Semion Savransky.

Developed by iOptics, the software is the Company’s know-how.

The proprietary rights for the "LumMini" belong to iOptics. 

The contents of this site are Copyright 2009 by iOptics. All Rights reserved.   


We would welcome a strategic investor / partner who could lend support in international marketing and organization of mass production. 

Semion Savransky Ph.D